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WCC Preview: Kansas City at Houston

I want to pick the Wizards to win here.

I really do.

But I just don't see it happening. You see, I've had some success in the past when picking the teams that no one else is picking. And that's what the Wizards are here. No one is picking them to beat Houston. And that's because they probably won't.

Chivas exposed the Kansas City defense in the opening round, but they couldn't score. If it counted as a score every time you hit the post, Chivas would have won the series something like 4-1. But with Ching, Jaqua, De Rosario, and Ngwenya, I don't think Houston will have as much of a problem finishing. I don't feel like Kansas City really deserves a place in the conference finals, and as the 5th place team from the East, they don't even deserve to be in the playoffs. This game might not even be close.

So then let's talk about the matcup that really matters here...
It's the Dynamo Girls

vs. the Starting 11