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Peace out, BC

San Jose's official selections are out, so how did we Insiders do on the draft predictions? Not too bad. Of the players with which we had a confident consensus, we were correct on Grabavoy, Carroll, Guerrero, and Vide, but wrong on Casey, Burciaga, Dorman, and Thompson. Cochrane, Riley, and Goodson weren't really surprises, and will make up a pretty quality back line for the Quakes. But we definitely missed the boat on Jason Hernandez and Gavin Glinton. And it was kind of weird for them to take an inexperienced player like Pozniak, but leave all those great keepers like Hartman (and his 30 starts last year) on the table.

But anyway, back to Carroll. This could turn out to be a pretty big loss for DC, more than I think a lot of people realize. Depth is crucial in this league, and BC was a great sub when we needed someone to come on in relief of one of the forwards when we're ahead. Carroll was a starter here for three and a half years, and will certainly be missed.

Joe Gibbs always talks about being a "true Redskin", well I think Brian Carroll was a "true United player". He wasn't necessarily well known on the national scene before coming here, but he made his name through his constant work ethic, like a lot of other guys on the team. They say Ben Olsen is the heart and soul of this team, but I think guys like Carroll and Gros are right behind him. BC, we wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you back here in the future.

A few people have been asking what this means for Brian's brother Jeff. JC should be welcomed back if he wants to be here. Although he didn't see any action with the first team this year, again, depth is important. And it would only take one or two injuries to some key players before Jeff Carroll would be playing wide back for us. JC was the captain of the Reserves and got an assist on the team's lone goal in the one Reserve match that I went to this year.