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Oh well

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As soon as it was announced that MLS Cup 2007 would be played in RFK Stadium, we knew our mission for the year.  That mission failed last night.

But what a game!  If the Gomez hand ball goal had counted to force overtime and potential penalty kicks, this match probably would have gone down as the greatest game in MLS history.

ESPN didn't show it, but I'd like to see a replay of the Olsen to Gomez to Addlery attempt that Nick whiffed on.  My thought is that if Emilio was at full strength, he would have played the full 90.  Emilio buries that one in the back of the net.  Addlery whiffs.

Oh well.

I just named two "what ifs" and I could probably name a dozen more.

Maybe DC United should plan to finish in 4th place instead of 1st next year so we don't have to play at home in the playoffs anymore.

Now we just get to sit back and wait for the fallout.