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MLS Cup Preview

I'll be there today with my DC United scarf and University of Maryland blanket, cheering on the Revs for one final day.

Houston is a good balanced team, that doesn't rely on just one player to make a difference, but I think it will be the Brian Ching injury that makes a difference today. These are essentially the same teams that met in the championship last year, and Houston prevailed. But if you think about it, if Ching hadn't played in the Final last year, then New England would have won that game on a golden goal in overtime, and we would be talking about them possibly repeating this year instead.

With or without Ching, Houston still looks like the favorite, but I think the Boston area just has too much going for them this year.

So I'm predicting a 2-1 Revolution victory, with goals by Ralston, Twellman, and Ngwenya. We might see Ching as a sub in the second half, but he won't be 100%, and he won't be very effective. I'm also predicting that there will be some bit of controversy that has us all talking (arguing?) while walking to the parking lot. Like maybe a Houston goal off a corner kick that's disallowed because of pushing in the box or something like that.

This game will be over in regular time, giving us all a chance to make it home (or to a bar?) in time to see the Redskins dominate the Cowboys :-/