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Conference Champhionships

The Conference Champhionship matchups are set. Although I'm still not sure that you can really call them Conference Championships when you've still got an Eastern Conference team playing in the West... But I've already complained enough about that.

So we've got Chicago at New England on Thursday night.
And Kansas City at Houston on Saturday.

Really glad that Houston was able to knock out Dallas. I was getting pretty worried that we would have to sit through a Dallas vs. Chicago final at RFK. Between Blanco and Carlos Ruiz, I might have had to BOO through the entire match.

DCUMD has decided to officially support our boy Taylor Twellman and the New England Revolution for the duration of the playoffs. But I think the Fire are at the top of their game right now, and peaking at exactly the right time (which has been DC's problem the last two years), so it won't be easy.