Q&A With Tiffany Weimer: One Part Disbelieving, One Part Cheeky...Fully Unforgettable

Cynthia Hobgood

After suffering a season-ending anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in her left knee during a training session in April, Washington Spirit forward Tiffany Weimer will spend the rest of the NWSL season in rehab and cheering on her team.

Known affectionately by teammates and fans as "Ocho" for the number she typically wears (though with Washington she wore #16, and here's why), Tiffany Weimer has--to the surprise of no one--kept her sense of humor in spite of the rather intense shock of all that has transpired in the last few weeks.

The Spirit added the veteran forward during the offseason in a trade with the Portland, and she was an immediate difference-maker.

"Everyone who watched our first two preseason games knows the huge impact she would have had for the Spirit this season," said Washington Spirit head coach and general manager Mark Parsons. "Tiffany has incredibly strong character and we know she will come back from this stronger than ever."

Weimer took some time to answer a few questions this week while she is home preparing for surgery to repair the torn ACL, which should take place in the coming weeks.

How are you feeling? Has the shock worn off yet?

I still don't fully believe it. But it's more of a reality each day I sit with it.

Can you describe from your perspective, what happened with your knee?

I planted really hard in training and felt everything "go."

I did score a golazo with that shot. Because I'm all about going out on top. So I have that image to take with me in my rehab.

And Jonesy got scored on by half a knee. Maybe you should see how she's doing.

[Editor's note: Chantel, if you'd like to tell your side of this story, let me know at @hobwriter.]

Where did you have your surgery and where will you rehab?

I'm home in Connecticut. I need my mommy. So all gifts should be sent to my home address.

There have been a rash of ACL injuries in women's soccer lately. Any reaction to suddenly being a part of this larger context?

I'm just a statistic now. I'll hopefully take this time and inspiration to invent something to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

That's what usually happens, right?

Do you hope to return to the Spirit next season?

I will be returning to the Spirit next season. Mark Parsons has no choice in the matter.

What do you think about Washington's prospects to make the playoffs this season?

The Spirit will win the league, then the World Cup, then the Universe...and in the process...win my heart forever.

Any thoughts/messages for your legion of adoring fans?

I have one message for all of my people out there--don't you...forget about me. Don't, Don't, Don't, Don't...

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