It's Here: Unite D.C. for a Stadium at Buzzard Point

Legislation is very near to going before the DC Council, and the big push is finally here. By going to this site, you can quickly and easily contact your Councilmembers by email, Facebook, and Twitter - all of which make a big difference, as we've heard first-hand on multiple occasions from Councilmembers and their staffers. The entire process takes less than five minutes. Whether you are a glass-half-full-er like me or not, the time for action is now. YOU can be a part of making a DC United stadium at Buzzard Point a reality. Stand up and make yourself heard! VAMOS!!

The most important petition you'll sign today

Do your part, America. Sign the damn petition.

Whenever the DCU schedule is finalized on CSN, we now know there will be no Harkesy.

Santino Quaranta is also coaching this year, so he may or may not be available to man the booth. Who do you want to see alongside Dave Johnson when Comcast SportsNet goes live from RFK this year?

Sneak peak...but at what?

DCU Team Store just tweeted this picture. Is this a teaser for a new third kit?

DC United 2014 season preview on Total Soccer Show

Just in case you haven't had enough Black and Red United in your earholes today, I was on the most recent episode of the Total Soccer Show, giving them a preview of D.C. United's 2014 season. The team at TSS is doing a preview episode for each of the 19 MLS teams, so give them a listen!

Washington Post (Almost) Apologizes For Sweeping Generalizations Based on Faulty Poll

My reaction to this article is similar to that of WaPo commenter Purple Drank (I know, I know): "This is a lot of words just to say, 'we think financing the land purchase is the same thing as financing the stadium, because we don't know the difference between the two concepts and know poll respondents won't either.' You asked a bad question that doesn't reflect the proposal. The poll responses may reflect other attitudes about soccer and soccer stadiums, that doesn't mean this poll provides meaningful data."

DC Trades Ethan White and #1 Allocation Order Spot to Philly For Jeff Parke and #6 Spot in the Order

Let's hope this goes better than the last two players we acquired from Philly, Pajoy and Ruiz. I'll miss Ethan - he's a great kid and had a lot of promise. Goff seems to think they're angling for Edu, which is disappointing. Hoping we'd grab him Does this mean we're going for Birnbaum in 2 days? Discuss.

Twellman says TFC on verge of signing Michael Bradley

All I can say is that all of these people are right.

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. NO. WHAT. NO. RT @TaylorTwellman Ready for a blockbuster? I'm hearing @torontofc on the verge of signing Michael Bradley.

— Pablo Maurer (@MLSist) January 8, 2014


— Ryan Keefer (@reefa_k) January 8, 2014

No, Michael Bradley. For the love of god. No.

— Nutmeg Radiö (@NutmegRadio) January 8, 2014

You really want to believe Bradley is smarter than that. You really do.

— Prairie Rose Clayton (@hoover_dam) January 8, 2014

FIFA confirms 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not be held in summer

Isn't this just dandy? Folks on the internets are wondering about the legal recourse of bidders who did not get the Cup because they put a bid together for the summer. I'm interested as well, although I doubt that will stop FIFA. We keep giving them money hand over fist, and they'll keep taking it. At least there won't be a World Cup break in the middle of the MLS season, right? :-/


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