RFK Stadium gets destroyed in new X-Men Trailer

In a case of getting kicked when you're down, the newest trailer for the new X-Men movie features the typical explosions and dramatic music that is par for the course of any action movie. What is not typical, however, is your local soccer team's dilapidated stadium being destroyed (or starting to be destroyed) in said trailer. Honestly, I'm actually kind of suprised they think that RFK Stadium would make it that far into the future.

Magneto Takes Down RFK


Image from the new X-men trailer. What did we ever do to you, Bryan Singer?



Looks like a picture of Eliseo Quintanilla. It should be noted that this is from his days at Alajuelense, before his current stint at Aguila in the Salvadoran League. Quintanilla has seemingly abandoned Aguila at last check, going under some sort of "processing time of residence in the U.S."

The real EJ, a guy with a good heart on his sleeve, plus Parke, also Caskey

In the extras is a great segment on Jeff Parke as well, a tremendous guy who is missed greatly in Seattle. The film itself is the most thorough doc on an MLS team, but also any pro team, ever produced. Abraços, to EJ and Jeff, and Alex.

History Friday: Remembering the Washington Whips

While the Washington Diplomats, affectionately known as the Dips, get all of the fame, the first member of the old NASL from the District of Columbia were the Washington Whips. In 1967, the year before the NASL was founded, the Whips were the imported version of Aberdeen FC and played in the United Soccer Association. That season, the entire 12 team league were foreign teams playing under American names. After playing the inaugural season of the NASL, the Whips folded, but their fun name (and even better logo) live on. Watch the video to see some more pictures from their brief history.



Hey, that's former DC player Maicon Santos/Mike Sanders, now playing for Puebla in Liga MX.

Fair Play Hero Hunt Rejects Penalty - YouTube

I really want every player in MLS to watch this video several times before their next game. Especially after the disgraceful display across the league trying to con or otherwise pressure replacement referees in Week 1, a little conditioning toward sportsmanship wouldn't go amiss. Hell, it would be nice to have once the real referees come back, too.

The USA "away" shirt for Brazil has leaked...

Okay, sports fans, what do we think of the new USMNT alternate look for Brazil this summer?

Even more D.C. United previews

If you want to hear me talk about D.C. United even more, you can watch me on World Soccer Radio! It will also be archived here if you want to view it later.

New poll has 49% in support of D.C. United stadium plan, 42% against

After the controversial Washington Post poll that had 60 percent of District residents against the D.C. United stadium project, a new poll shows that 49% of likely Democratic primary voters are for the stadium project, with 42% against. The wording of the question, in particular, is key:

Now I would like your opinion on some current issues. There is a proposal to use up to $150 million in city funds to buy land where a new stadium can be built for the District’s Major League Soccer team, D.C. United. The city would maintain ownership of the property and rent it to the team for $1 per year, while the soccer team would pay to construct the actual stadium. Do you support or oppose this proposal?

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