Fantasy Focus: Do Your Fu**ing Job!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Thierry Henry is a far better soccer player than he is a teammate.

Despite starting two defenders that did not actually play, one of whom is not even an MLS player anymore, DCU4LIFE logged the round's top score with 81 points. Thierry Henry (NY, $10.7) was the captain and scored 40 points with a goal and three assists. Far behind him was his teammate Eric Alexander ($6.6), who scored 10 points with a goal and an assist. Third in the team was Lamar Neagle (SEA, $8.2) who scored 8 points with an assist. In It Toux Win It still leads.

Positional Leaders


Sean Johnson (CHI, $4.8) led all goalkeepers with 16 points on the strength of a clean sheet and a penalty save. Jaime Penedo (LA, $5.5) and Stefan Frei (SEA, $4.9) scored 9 and 8 points respectively, each with their own clean sheet. Bill Hamid (DCU, $5.1) scored 6 points.


Philadelphia's Sheanon Williams ($7.7) scored a goal and 9 points to lead his position. Just behind him, four players finished tied with 8 points -- Chicago's Gonzalo Segares ($7.3) and Lovell Palmer ($5.8), LA's AJ Delagarza ($6.8), and Seattle's Zach Scott ($6.2), each of whom earned clean sheets. D.C.'s defense was led by Bobby Boswell ($8.8) with 5 points, followed by Sean Franklin ($7.2) with 4 points, and both Chris Korb ($5.8) and Steve Birnbaum ($4.5) with 3 points.


Brad Davis (HOU, $10.4) scored twice and led all midfielders with 16 points. Mauro Rosales (CHV, $7.4) followed closely with 3 assists and 14 points, while both Marco Pappa (SEA, $7.8) and Dillon Powers (COL, $7.8) came in with 12 points -- Pappa with a goal, Powers with a goal and an assist. The DCU midfield was led by Luis Silva ($7.1) with 7 points, followed by Chris Rolfe ($7.0) with 5, Nick DeLeon ($6.8) with 4, Davy Arnaud ($6.4) with 3, Perry Kitchen ($6.3) with 2, and Lewis Neal ($5.3) with 1.


Thierry Henry led all forwards and all players with 20 points and 1 gentle reminder, after scoring, that his defenders need to "DO YOUR FU**ING JOB!" Dom Dwyer (SKC, $8.4) scored twice on the way to 12 points, and Jermain Defoe (TOR, $11.3) did the same on the way to 11. For United, Eddie Johnson (9.4) scored 6 points, and Conor Doyle ($6.3) scored 1.

Looking Ahead

Seattle is on bye, and eight teams play twice (PHI, NY, CLB, SKC, TOR, VAN, LA, NE). With only two transfers it may be difficult to load up on two-game players, but there are some good ones out there. Luis Robles (NY, $6.1) is probably the best goalkeeping option with games @PHI and vs. SJ. In defense, try on Michael Parkhurst (CLB, $7.7) with home dates against SKC and MTL. In the midfield, Cristian Maidana (PHI, $7.8) has 1 goal and 6 assists in his past 5 matches, with games vs. NY and @CHI. Lastly, at forward, stop playing around and get Jermain Defoe (TOR, $11.3) in vs. VAN and @HOU.

Everyone's Adding: G - Andy Gruenebaum (SKC, $4.4, +158), D - Dan Gargan (LA, $6.3, +240), M - Maidana (+241), F - Dwyer (+404)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Eric Kronberg (SKC, $4.9, -178), D - Andy O'Brien (VAN, $7.0, -142), M - Lamar Neagle (-318), F - Harry Shipp (CHI, $7.1, 204)

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