Fantasy Focus: Clark's Mark

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Thanks, Fabian Espindola.

This was not a very high-scoring week, but Q.C. United led with 89 points. Javier Morales (RSL, $11.1) led with an armband-aided 16 points over two games. Behind him were Chicago's Harry Shipp ($6.4) who scored 2 goals and 13 points, as well as Colorado's Drew Moor ($7.7) who scored 12 points on a clean sheet and an assist over two games. In It Toux Wynne It is still our leader.

Positional Leaders


Steve Clark (CLB, $5.1) led all goalkeepers and all scorers with 17 points in two games. 14 of those points came in one match, with a clean sheet and a save of Fabian Espindola's Panenka against D.C. United. Chicago's Sean Johnson ($4.7) earned a clean sheet and 10 points in two games, and both Jeff Attinella (RSL, $4.8) and Luis Robles (NY, $6.0) tied for third with 9 points, though only Robles earned a clean sheet. D.C.'s Bill Hamid ($5.0) earned 7 points.


Drew Moor's 12 points led all defenders, just ahead of Michael Parkhurst (CLB, $7.4), who scored 11 points with a clean sheet in two games, and Nick Hagglund (TOR, $4.8) who earned a clean sheet and 10 points. For United, Each of Christian Fernandez ($7.4), Steve Birnbaum ($4.4), and Sean Franklin ($7.4) earned 7 points, while Bobby Boswell ($9.0) earned 6. Clean sheet, y'all.


Cristian Maidana (PHI, $7.1) earned 15 points to lead all midfielders with three assists. A trio of players scored 11 points each to tie for second -- Luis Gil (RSL, $7.1), Ethan Finlay (CLB, $5.2), and Erik Hurtado (VAN, $5.9) -- each scoring a goal, and Hurtado adding an assist. The United midfield was led by Davy Arnaud's ($6.8) 5 points, followed by Nick DeLeon ($6.8) with 4, both Chris Rolfe ($7.5) and Luis Silva ($7.1) with 3, and both Jared Jeffrey ($6.8) and Lewis Neal ($5.3) with 1.


Harry Shipp's 13 points led all forwards, while both Fanendo Adi (POR $8.3) and Connor Casey (PHI, $7.1) scored two goals and 12 points. For DCU, Fabian Espindola's ($9.2) penalty miss left him with 2 points, while Eddie Johnson ($9.4) and Conor Doyle ($6.3) scored 1.

Looking Ahead

Okay, so things are about to get crazy. Just four teams have matches: DCU, Montreal, Portland, and Dallas. Everyone else has begun their World Cup break, so we have unlimited transfers this week and next. I like Hamid at goalkeeper along with Christian Fernandez at the back. Diego Valeri (POR, $10.5) is a must in midfield, and go with Fanendo Adi at forward. The player pool is not deep, so you probably can't go too wrong as long as you don't play four Montreal guys. Both games are on Wednesday night.

With four teams playing and a max of four players per any one team on a roster, you have to carry at least two guys who are on byes, and more in some cases depending on your situation. Usually here I would tell you who's being added and who's being dropped, but changeover is crazy this week and numbers are off the charts. Instead, I'm going to push you to pay close attention when it comes to deciding who to keep on your rosters. Take a close look at the value of a player when you bought him, and compare it to where it is right now. If you want to buy him back next week and his value is far from what it is when you bought him, you should probably keep him because you're probably going to cost yourself money to buy him again. For example, I bought Harry Shipp at $5.6, and now he's $6.4, down from $6.5. I don't believe that his price will drop so precipitously that it makes sense to sell him now for half the profit at $6.0 when I'll probably have to pay $6.2-$6.3 to buy him back. Conversely, I bought Dom Dwyer at $8.1, and sold him when he was $8.7 and pocketed $8.4. His value right now is $8.4 and falling. As of Monday afternoon, 17 players had dropped $0.3 in price since the start of this past round. Choose carefully when you're deciding who to drop.

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