Fantasy Focus: Higuain Again

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In 90 minutes he equals his output for the last five games

This week we recognize high scorer for the round, Los Lagartos FC, with 96 points. Dom Dwyer (SKC, $8.4) wore the armband and scored 26 points over two games with two goals. Cristian Maidana (PHI, $7.1) scored 12 points over two games with a goal and a red card. Lastly, Lee Nguyen (NE, $8.9) tallied a goal and an assist in one game for 11 points. In It Toux Wynne It is still the overall leader by 49 points.

Positional Leaders


Toronto's Joe Bendik ($4.6) made his first appearance in the league in 2014, earned a clean sheet, and added an assist for 11 points. Second among goalkeepers was Tally Hall (HOU, $5.9) who earned a clean sheet and 9 points, while Eric Kronberg (SKC, $5.4) was third with 8 points over two games. Bill Hamid ($4.8) scored 5 points for United.


Chris Tierney (NE, $6.9) scored 11 points with a goal and an assist to lead all defenders. Bradley Orr (TOR, $6.2) followed with 10 points on a clean sheet and an assist of his own. A whopping nine players tied for third: Austin Berry (PHI, $7.6), Drew Moor (COL, $7.4), David Horst (HOU, $6.5), Jermaine Taylor (HOU, $7.2), Anthony Soares (NE, $8.4), Sheanon Williams (PHI, $7.7), Chad Marshall (SEA, $8.7), Mark Bloom (TOR, $5.8), and Nick Hagglund (TOR, $4.5). So yeah, that happened. For DCU, Christian Fernandez ($6.8) led with 6 points, while Bobby Boswell ($8.7) had 3, and both Chris Korb ($5.8) and Jeff Parke ($6.7) had 2.


Philadelphia and New England midfielders dominated this week, with the top six scorers coming from those two teams. Danny Cruz (PHI, $5.5) notched a goal and assist for 13 points and the positional lead. Maidana was 2nd with his 12 points. Union teammate Vincent Nogueira ($8.6) was in a three-way tie for third with a goal and 11 points, joined by the Revolution pair of Diego Fagundez ($7.6) and Nguyen. Fagundez had a goal and an assist. For D.C., Chris Rolfe ($7.1) led with 6 points, while Perry Kitchen ($6.4) earned 3, Davy Arnaud ($6.8) 2, and Nick DeLeon ($6.8) and Luis Silva ($7.1) earned 1.


Federico Higuain (CLB, $10.5) scored two goals and added an assist for 15 points to lead all players, scoring in 90 minutes what he'd scored in his previous 5 games (3, 3, 2, 4, 3). Mike Magee (CHI, $10.0) scored two goals and 13 points, tying Dom Dwyer for 2nd. For United, Fabian Espindola ($8.7) scored 8 points and assisted Eddie Johnson's ($9.4) first ever DCU goal for 7 points. Conor Doyle ($6.3) scored 1 point.

Looking Ahead

Chivas is on bye, while DC, Houston, LA, and Dallas play two. I would caution against going all out for two-gamers, because the matchups aren't that great. The best looks are probably Houston's Tally Hall, and David Horst, and DC's Fabian Espindola. Otherwise, Clint Irwin (COL, $4.9, 45 points) and Drew Moor (COL, $7.4) are great ideas at home against Montreal, while Diego Fagundez (NE, $7.6, 51 points) has 3 goals and 2 assists in four games and plays DC at home. Lastly, throw in Joao Plata (RSL, $7.5, 59 points) at forward at home against Dallas.

Everyone's Adding: G - Tally Hall (+442), D - Bobby Boswell (+576), M - Javier Morales (RSL, $11.0, 75 points, +687), F - Robbie Keane (LA, $10.9, 46 points, +467)

Everyone's Dropping: G - Eric Kronberg (SKC, $5.4, 51 points, -305), D - Aurelien Collin (SKC, $10.0, 53 points, -1560), M - Clint Dempsey (SEA, $10.5, 70 points, -689), F - Erick Torres (CHV, $8.6, 68 points, -299)

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