Monday Freedom Kicks: Shutouts, Shut Out, Streaming and Spike

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Where the parent club and USL Pro team turn in clean sheets, specifics of the MLS TV deal emerge and other goodness.

In which we revel in the ugliness, look at how things have changed in the Lig, look at Championship Sunday and heartily recommend a Spike Jonze film because reasons, that's why. On with the links.

Recaps and coverage of the away win (wait what?) from all over the place from, CSN WashingtonDistrict Sports Page UnitedMania and Ives. From the other side, Brotherly Game looks at things from the host's perspective.

Eddie Johnson: 'I feel like I can't get a break right now' - Thomas Floyd chats with the Designated Player whose last two months have been the opposite of whatever Reaganing is.

MLS, U.S. Soccer finalize TV deals with ESPN, Fox, Univision: In a deal expected to be announced today, we know that MLS will go back to Fox (from NBCSN) while staying with ESPN and Univision.

RICHMOND 4, ARIZONA 0 - Richmond Kickers: The newly Jalen Robinson-enriched Arizona team falls to the Kickers with a goal from Christiano Francois and a separate assist from Collin Martin. More on the game from us. Speaking of Robinson, he played 80 minutes in United's shutout of Harrisburg City.

Retirement league no more: MLS teams go young with Designated Players — Soccer Wire: A nice look back at the past and evolving present of DPs, which sure seems like a good thing.

Will he stay or will he go? Tim Cahill hints at Thierry Henry's New York Red Bulls' future - Once A Metro: Before doing God knows what against Chicago, Tim Cahill said something interesting about Thierry Henry's future which was slightly surprising but hopefully is not some sort of rally cry.

Inter Milan vs Lazio, final score 4-1: Inter end Lazio's European hopes - On the strategic partner side of things, Inter throttled Lazio and locked down fifth place in Serie A in what was the final home game of Javier Zanetti.

RSCA.BE - Reactions after 4-0 win against KRC Genk: In "D.C. United alumni scoring goals, part one," Andy Najar scored one and assisted on another as Anderlecht move into first in the Belgium League for the first time this season. In between his contract extension and announcement to Honduras' World Cup squad, he's had a good month. Want to see the goal? Sure you do.

BSC YOUNG BOYS - OFFICIAL: In "D.C. United alumni scoring goals, part two," Alain Rochat scores to secure a 3-1 win for BSC over Basel, further cementing 3rd place (and a Europa League spot) in the Swiss League. Click through for the fancy picture, won't you?

MLS Insider (along with KickTV) put together a nice look at Kearny, New Jersey, home to American soccer icons Tony Meola, Tab Ramos and former D.C. player John Harkes. These films are generally pretty good and well worth the time and if you have not seen it yet, please do. If you have, see it again:

Her: Spike Jonze (of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation lore) released Her in late 2013 about a man (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with his computer operating system. Like love love. The premise is a little sketchy but it is a fairly deep emotional movie which hits video on Tuesday and very much worth your time. Have seen it twice myself and enjoyed it.

As always, this is the place to talk about what you wish to talk about.

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