Freedom Kicks: D.C. United and MLS links for 4 March 2014

Tasos Katopodis

Burritos and single entity for everybody!

Okay, it's only Tuesday morning, but I'm already set to scrap the rest of this week and head straight to Lot 8 to wait out the snow thaw there. Who's with me? No? Nobody? Oh, fine, here are your morning links.

Eddie Johnson on D.C. & Seattle | The News Tribune
Yesterday, touchline brought you one Seattle newspaper's interview with the Grown Ass Man. Today there's another one, though it is lacking the interesting turn of phrase from yesterday's.

Bill Hamid talks Kasey Keller | Seattle Sounders
United's man between the pipes got to work with the all-time USA great during the January USMNT camp. He spoke with the Sounders' official website about working with Keller.

U.S. will compete at World Cup in your dad's golf shirt |
You've all seen it by now, and you may have read our Donald Wine's take on it, but did you know that the good people at dot com have found a replica of the new USMNT and USWNT shirts on sale on Target for $4? Seems legit.

Chivas USA supporters group wants to buy the team | The Goat Parade
Black Army 1850 is raising money in an attempt to purchase the flailing second LA franchise from MLS, who recently bought back the club's operating rights from its previous owners. It's basically an impossible hill to climb, raising $70,000,000, but they're going for it anyway and, if they come up short, would like to invest in the club regardless. I dig it.

Is MLS Single Entity Here To Stay? | Hot Time In Old Town
Interesting debate over at SBN's Chicago Fire site. My thoughts are this: Single entity isn't going anywhere. It works for everything the league's owners (i.e. the teams' owners) want - it keeps salaries down; it spreads risks around the entire league and allows more easily for a unified league-wide strategy on any number of fronts; and it prevents any exposure to antitrust issues (which other major leagues in the US avoid via legislative or judicial exemption). If every sports league in the world had the option to incorporate as a single entity, the businesspeople in charge would do it. All of that doesn't necessarily make it good or bad from the fan's perspective, but it's the reality we face.

Selling point for MLS: Players actually get paid! | FOX Sports
Camilo Sanvezzo infamously forced a transfer from the Vancouver Whitecaps to Queretaro in Lixa MX this winter. The Brazilian poacher was looking for a bigger contract more in line with his talents, which, y'know, fine. Bad luck for him, he landed at a club owned by a man whose assets are being seized by the Mexican government on account of his being a fraudulent bastard. So now Camilo, and the rest of his new teammates, haven't been paid in a month. All of which goes to show that, hey, things aren't so bad here in the States, eh?

MLS & Chipotle announce MLS Homegrown Game |
Assuming he hasn't played his way into the All-Star Game proper, it looks like Bill Hamid is likely to be heading to Portland that week anyway for the first ever Homegrown Game. If Andy Najar were still around, he'd be sure to make the game as well. Of the rest of United's homegrowns - Conor Shanosky, Ethan White, Michael Seaton, Collin Martin and Jalen Robinson - I'm not sure who has the best chance to make the side. It might depend somewhat on what positions the league needs to fill out and whether they'll count USL PRO contributions when making their selections. Anyway, cool idea from MLS. Of course, the real news from this development is that the DMV is not included in the 12 "select markets" that will get cool things like free burritos. So... never mind, this is a very silly idea.

Welcome to your open thread for the day.

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