D.C. United 2014 preseason minutes tracker v.4.0 - Incorporating the first win in entirely too long

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Olsen experimented with the formation again, finally finding something that would create a goal for the Black-and-Red, and the depth chart came a little bit more into focus.

One name you won't see on this depth chart: Own Goal, who - after bouncing around from team to team to punish D.C. United four times last year - appears to be on-trial with the Black-and-Red down in Charleston. The mysterious player netted United's first goal of the preseason, turning a hard cross from Nick DeLeon into the back of the Houston Dynamo net. There are some new names, and old names at new positions, in today's update of our minutes tracker, though. Without further ado:

App St Min
Bill Hamid 3 2 180
Andrew Dykstra 2 1 90
Joe Willis 2 90
App St Min
App St Min
App St Min
Sean Franklin 4 4 228 Bobby Boswell 4 4 228 Cristian Fernandez 3 3 170
Jalen Robinson 4 132 Jeff Parke 4 4 228 Taylor Kemp 4 1 134
Steve Birnbaum 4 132 Travis Golden* 2 57
Conor Shanosky 4 132
App St Min
App St Min
App St Min
Christiano Francois 2 77 Perry Kitchen 4 4 228 Nick DeLeon 3 3 166
Davy Arnaud 1 1 76 Jared Jeffrey 3 2 138 Kyle Porter 3 93
Nick DeLeon 1 1 58 Davy Arnaud 2 2 90 Davy Arnaud 1 1 56
Kyle Porter 1 1 45 Zach Barnes* 2 73 Victor Munoz* 1 45
Fabian Espindola 1 1 45 Victor Munoz* 2 51
Victor Munoz* 1 14 Lewis Neal 1 24
Reuben Ayarna* 1 14
App St Min
App St Min
Luis Silva 4 2 194 Eddie Johnson 3 3 185
Collin Martin 2 59 Fabian Espindola 2 2 138
Conor Doyle 4 1 132
Michael Seaton 3 69
Not Appearing
Chris Pontius
Chris Korb
Nana Attakora * not yet under contract
Casey Townsend no longer in camp

Some notes:

  • As expected, latecomers to camp Eddie Johnson and Christian have climbed to the top of the heap at their respective positions.
  • Every single player Ben Olsen has run out on the left side of the formation in the midfield has also played on the right. In the next update, after Wednesday's game against the Battery, I may be tempted to combine the left and right midfield columns into a collective outside midfield/forward category to better capture the minutes that are there, as Olsen seems more and more likely to view those wide spots as interchangeable.
  • Speaking of Wednesday, I expect to see very few starters from Saturday's win come the midweek fixture. With no field players yet going 90 straight minutes, I'd be surprised to see Benny start many of the top-line players. Instead, look for some of the 15-minute guys from Saturday along with names like Jared Jeffrey and maybe Lewis Neal to get the start. We might see some first choice players mix in around the hour mark or later, but Wednesday probably won't be about them. I'll be excited to see what Victor Munoz, Michael Seaton and others can do with a starting opportunity.
  • One really has to wonder how different this would look with a healthy Chris Korb and Chris Pontius in the mix. Kemp and Robinson would probably have fewer minutes at either fullback spot, though Robinson may have been moved inside to take some minutes from Conor Shanosky alongside Steve Birnbaum. Meanwhile, I'm really curious to see whether Olsen sees Pontius as more forward or midfielder this season - but more on that in another post. Not to mention Nana Attakora, who would certainly have claimed some of those reserve minutes at CB.

What catches your eye with the updated chart? Who do you think will get a run-out come Wednesday? Let us know in the comments.

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