Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for Tuesday 21 January 2014

The playoffs are getting tweaked, and so is BMO Field. And by that we do not mean that BMO Field may actually matter vis-a-vis the playoffs this year. Though that will probably happen, too. - John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Today, we get Twitter trolling, coach hunting, stadium modifying and the less super part of MLS' college (plus some pros) draft.

Polar Vortex, mk. II is coming for you, D.C. Are you going to let it ruin your week, or are you going to stare it in the cold face and say, "You can take my warmth. But you'll never take my Freedom (Kicks)!" Yeah, I'm totally going to let it ruin my week, too - but mostly because I have serious doubts that my flight back to the District will actually get me to the District in the midst of a snow storm.

Anyway, onto the your Tuesday morning links.

Late-round gems from the not-so-super part of the draft |
We all know the odds of finding a player who will contribute on any significant level in today's conference call portion of the SuperDraft are slim. But they aren't zero, and here's the obligatory list of standouts to prove it.

D.C. & Toronto have made strides this offseason. How about Chivas USA? | The Goat Parade
In which the intrepid Alicia Ratterree dives head-first into the rabbit hole.

The Night Houston Dynamo Trolled Followed The World | Dynamo Theory
When an official team Twitter account follows somebody seemingly out of the blue, it tends to lead to speculation. So it was when the Houston Dynamo followed the Seattle Sounders' DeAndre Yedlin. But then it kept happening in what has become my favorite MLS story this week.

BMO Field to undergo construction this summer? | Waking The Red
Man, I wish we had a new, in-demand stadium to complain about other sports ruining! Instead, we have an old, ignored stadium that's already been ruined by baseball retrofits. Sigh. Excuse me for a minute - I'm going back to read the Dynamo story again to distract myself.

Who Wants to Coach the Colorado Rapids? | Burgundy Wave
With Oscar Pareja now firmly entrenched back in the Lone Star State, the Rapids have a late, late offseason coaching search on their hands. At the moment, there's only one name anybody's talking about: Pablo.

Forget Dos a Cero! How about Cuatro a Cero? |
The U-20 USWNT won the 2014 CONCACAF title with a 4-0 drubbing of Mexico. Let freedom ring.

MLS contemplating playoff format tweak | Planet Futbol -
Brian Straus confirms reports that MLS might allow the higher seed to choose whether to host the first or second leg of a playoff tie, but that beyond that and other schedule-related issues, no changes are coming for the playoff format. Which is unfortunate, because Straus himself proposed an awesome solution a while back. His original FanHouse article apparently isn't online anymore, but Forbes dug it up before it was pulled down and found that the data support Straus' solution.

Consider this your open thread for the day. Share your thoughts on any of these stories and let us know what's got your attention today.

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