Erick Thohir still interested in Inter. Bring on the Italians.


via (great resource by the way, for credible information) is reporting that Erick Thohir and Inter Milan owner Moratti are still in talks over Thohir buying a large, if not majority, share in the club.

To [re-]bring up a completely speculative but significant issue - would it be beneficial for DC to receive Italian players on loan?

Despite the adversity that this would make DC a "feeder" club, this would be a new chapter in terms of international scouting efforts, as well as what we may look for in international players. In case you're not a big Serie A fan, a huge focus in the Italian game is on tactics - the whens, the wheres, and the hows. Many complain Serie A is boring, compared to the other big leagues, because the games seem mostly uneventful with sporadic big moments. But the games are more accurately likened to a chess match. If United is trying to be a possession team, look no further.

Compare the tactical aspect with United currently - no goals from the run of play in the last [censored] league games, with almost every player being content to cross into the box instead of trying to make a run into it or building a play. We have 10 guys running around on the field playing their own game until threatened, and then passing the play on to the next player. It's probably an extremely easy job for other coaches to whiteboard how to defend against.

Let's bring in some players raised in a culture of tactical focus. It has shown extreme promise in the MLS game:

1) Montreal - Di Vaio, Nesta, and the promising Paponi. The former two are the backbone of the explosive and entertaining Canadian team, while the latter is an exciting young prospect from Bologna, having scored 2 goals and an assist in 280 minutes of play.

2) Michael Bradley - The boss of the Roma midfield showed promise as our typical MLS bulldog midfielder. But after failing to break into first teams in the Bundesliga (Monchengladbach), and Premier League (Aston Villa), many of us had doubts about how much former MLSer Bradley could succeed at the international level.

Remember those claims that he was only on the field with the USMNT because of nepotism? He does.

After moving to Chievo, Bradley completely reinvented his game in the Italian soccer environment, and played his way into a transfer to Roma by focusing on the tactical game. And these tactical assets are standouts both there and with the USMNT, making him one of the most important players to that team.

Yes, I have grabbed things with loose connections to United, but it circles back to the point - the Italian game can work and thrive in the environment of MLS-styled players. The worst thing about Thohir possibly buying Inter is that it's FREAKING INTER (I'm a fan of the other Black-and-Red).

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