United keeps mortgaging its future...

United has once again traded away its 2nd rd pick, this time sending away a 2015 pick for Alain Rochat.

While the MLS draft can be a bit spotty, especially when you get past the top half of the first round, United definitely has missed out on some good players who might be with the team now. In fact, if you look at who we might have picked instead of trading those picks, United might have a side that could compete for the Conference lead. Here's a review of what we gave up, what we got, and what we missed out on:

2008 -- The worst trade was the 2008 1st rd pick which went to Toronto for Rod Dyachenko. Toronto picked Pat Phelan, but the next pick was KC’s pick of Roger Espinoza.

2010 — DCU traded a first rounder for Troy Perkins, who is gone. That pick turned into Jack McInerney -- which we all knew would happen and were bemoaning at the time.

2010 -- DCU also traded 2d rounder for Christian Gomez, who is gone. That pick was used on Andre Akpan (not terrible), but it might have also been Seth Sinovic, Justin Morrow or Steven Beitashour. (an unusually deep draft to be sure).

2011 — DCU dealt 2d round pick for Stephen King,..who is, wait for it, gone. That pick was used for Michael Tetteh, but it could have been used on Michael Farfan.

2012 -- DCU dealt 2nd round pick for Jed Zayner — who is now gone. That pick was used on someone named Aubrey Perry, but it could have been Hunter Jumper, Sebastian Velasquez or Warren Creavalle.

2013 -- DCU's 2d round pick was dealt for Fred (when we could have drafted him as a free agent 2 months earlier) and Fred left for Australia before the summer. NE made a lousy pick, but it could have been Greg Cochrane.

And, of course, we’ve already dealt our upcoming 2d rounder for Casey Townsend....who hasn't scored yet.

So, that was 7 picks dealt in just over 5 years. The only player we received who is still with the team is Townsend. Now, it's 8 picks in just over 5 years, with the 2015 pick being dealt for Rochat, who is not likely to suit up past 2015, maybe not even that long.

DCU certainly didn't get any long-term value in those trades, but they didn't get short-term value either. In those 5 years, we made the playoffs once. Even with Townsend, we're not going to make the playoffs this year...and it's hard to say that Townsend has really made the team any better. Rochat might be an upgrade at left back....and that might make life easier for our centerbacks. He might even influence the attack a little. But, he's 30.

Last year, I wrote about how badly we've done in international signings. In contrast, I think Dave Kasper has done a great job in drafting, if he's had a role in that. But, the missed opportunities are part of his legacy, too.

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