A Little Bit Of Perspective

For some strange reason, after Sunday's loss to the Columbus Crew (a match in which we were without several players, and our biggest one coming off the heels of taking a knock only three days before), a word I've seen tossed around a little bit is "disappointing." I get the frustration and understand it, but along with the winnable games that haven't been, there are some things to consider in whatever form you choose.

So in number form (borrowing from my brain, the team site and ESPN soccernet game logs), some things of interest about the current DC United squad:

119 - Number of days since Sunday's starting right back Chris Korb played a full 90 minutes (since the 6/3 scoreless draw with LA). Additionally he had only appeared in one match (6/11 vs. SJ) since that date.

14 - Number of games played by Brandon McDonald since he was acquired June 28.

5 (part 1) - Number of games McDonald played with presumed (going forward) center back partner Dejan Jakovic since McDonald was acquired on June 28.

5 (part 2) - Number of goals allowed during that time (including 3 playing a man down against Toronto).

5 (part 3) - Number of rookies who have started this year for DC.

64 - Number of combined starts for DC rookies.

2,366 - Minutes played by current team leader (and rookie) Perry Kitchen.

17 - Number of starts from Charlie Davies in 2011.

20 - Number of combined starts from Davies from 2008 - 2010.

40 - Number of points Jason Kreis reached in his first full year of coaching in 2008 in 30 matches.

25.56 - Average age of 2008 RSL roster.

25.56 - Average age of 2008 RSL listed defenders.

38 - Number of points Ben Olsen has after 30 matches in 2010.

25.22 - Average age of the 2011 roster.

24.44 - Average age of D.C. defenders.

5 (part 4) - Number of RSL players who played more than 30 games in 2008.

27.2 - Average age of those players.

4 - Number of DC players projected to play more than 30 games in 2011.

24.25 - Average age of those players.

I don't really have a point to this number dump, other that this team is young, but we knew that. Currently of those 5 rookies, 2 have played prominent roles in back (Kitchen and Ethan White) and another (Austin da Luz) has recently seen some increased playing time on the left side of the midfield. And like the rookies before them (and with Conor Shanosky when he starts to see some more time in the 18), there are going to be first-year walls hit at various points by each. But at this point, I'd consider one other number, and that's two: the state of the roster when Olsen inherited this team and where the roster is under his watch now, and over the last 14 months (the first four of which was while he still had the interim tag on his business cards), the resulting work has been good.

As far as this year's playoffs go, while missing them may be disappointing to some, for me I'm looking forward to another year of what this core group has to offer, Olsen included, going forward.

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